Our design philosophy for creating your brand is simple: we work with you to create a fresh, new and exciting design that creates an impactful, memorable visual identity for your brand. We include you early in the design process when we brainstorm ideas together to define your vision of what you would want your brand to reflect. Then we go away, do our thing, and present your with ideas via mood boards and hand drawn sketches. We know creating a brand can sometimes be daunting. We try and make the whole process as smooth and accessible as possible. With your input and our expertise, we create your brand identity that resonates with you and makes us proud.

We ensure that the brand we design is compatible and sits comfortably within the client’s industry; and that it responds to the client’s brief. We have delivered branding for corporates to NGO’s; from entrepreneurs to illustrators! 

We have successfully rejuvenated existing brands by infusing new energy into them, while taking care to optimise the goodwill that the brand has earned through the years. 


HD CUTZ LONDON | International Barber

The client required an international brand versatile enough to be used on various future products.

In an elegant way representing coiffure styling in typography, we rebranded the HD Cutz identity to be in sync with the company’s  global status and ambition. The identity found found it’s way onto various applications from uniforms to branded merchandise.

ASSURED HR SOLUTIONS | Virtual Human Resources

The client was looking at rebranding and wanted contemporary symbolic expression and strong brand to stand out in the HR industry.
We designed a single focus symbol that incorporates a human icon (reminiscent of human resources) inside the letter ‘A’ to represent the first letter of the client’s company name.  We chose a warm colour palette and used a  minimalist style for the branding of the company. This was different from the general trend of the industry and thereby helped the brand to stand out from its competitors.

MORRISS | Cartoonist | Illustrator | Painter

Craig needed a personable brand that could be used specifically for a website showcasing the artist’s work.

We used his signature “MORRISS’  as the basis to set up his brand.  We kept the branding minimalist so that the focus is always on his cartoons, paintings and illustrations. We added a splash of a bright colour to give the brand a fun element, echoing the fun loving nature of Craig’s work.