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Mickey Lee | Wandsworth Council

Logo Design, Marketing, Spatial GraphicsGraphic Design

Roopa Design goes beyond the ordinary in graphic design, offering a comprehensive suite of services. From brochures to social media graphics, packaging designs to illustrations, our expertise spans the spectrum of visual communication.

We specialise in crafting compelling artwork and designs that not only enhance but redefine your brand’s visual presence, leaving a lasting impact. Your brand deserves more than design – it deserves a visual narrative that resonates and captivates.

Strategy, Visuals, ExperienceBranding Essentials

Brand Strategy

Developing a strategic approach to branding, including target audience analysis, market research, and brand positioning.

Visual Identity Design

Creating visually compelling elements like logos, typography, colours, and imagery that represent the brand’s personality and values.

Brand Experience

Designing a consistent and engaging brand experience through various touchpoints such as websites, social media, advertising, and environmental graphics.

Wedding, Party, CommissionsYour Personal Design Partner

Embracing the essence of individual expression, Roopa Design stands as your ultimate destination for personalised creations.

Whether it’s custom stationery that reflects your unique style, striking party materials that leave a lasting impression, or captivating wall art and home decor that resonate with your personality, we’ve got every aspect of your personal design journey covered. Roopa Design is your partner in bringing your distinctive vision to life.

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