IntroductionA Fusion of Cultures, Creativity, and Design Brilliance!

I am Roopa Basu, a British designer with Indian roots, stationed at the heart of London in Wandsworth. Born in South Shields, my journey weaves through England, Cork in Northern Ireland, and eventually India, where the world became my playground.

My childhood? An adventure aboard ships, from port to port, painting a vibrant tapestry of global experiences. As a child while living in India I had displayed exceptional prowess with Lego toys, and was even crowned the child prodigy in building blocks! 

I did my A Levels from Calcutta International School and was all set to study architecture back in the UK at South Bank University to study Architecture.  However, I ended up in North Carolina USA on a music scholarship at Brevard School of music to study piano. I had played at a concert in India, where the dean of the college was in attendance. 

I went back to studying architecture Philadelphia University, and gradually my passion found its true home in Communication Arts and Design at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

When I returned back to the UK in 2006, I did my Master’s Certification In visual Communication from the London College of Communication.

At Roopa Design, we’re more than just a team; we’re a close-knit group of creatives with a deep understanding of communication design. Our experiences across cultures, from the UK to India and beyond, shape our unique perspective and allow us to craft designs that resonate globally.

Join us on a journey where creativity meets cultural understanding, and let’s create something truly remarkable together.