Navigating Creativity, Crafting ConnectionsMy Story

In my journey from my eclectic childhood to establishing Roopadesigns in London, resilience and creativity have been my guiding stars.  

I am  deeply passionate about branding and graphic design and I love working closely with high street businesses and SMEs. 

Beyond the design desk, I am an artist leading  art workshops and collaborating on community art projects. For me, the magic of creativity knows no bounds, and I firmly believe in the power of thinking globally and acting locally.

UK,Ireland, IndiaI was born in the UK but raised in a whirlwind of locations from Cork to Kolkata, due to my father's maritime profession. Childhood was a medley of melodies, athletic pursuits, and immersive Lego creations that fuelled my imagination. Through it all, these experiences shaped not only my upbringing but also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the diversity of the world around me.
Kolkata, IndiaMy fascination with Lego went beyond mere child's play; it was a deep-seated interest that captured attention from all corners. From a young age, I delved into intricate Lego creations, showcasing my imaginative flair through architecture. My designs attracted interest from local media outlets and earning me the title of a 'child prodigy'. Newspapers, magazines, and even television programs featured my creations, shining a spotlight on my creativity and innovation. This early recognition fuelled my passion for design and laid the groundwork for my future endeavours.
India, USAI began piano lessons at the Calcutta School of Music at age seven, later becoming one of its first scholarship students. Following my A-Levels, a scholarship as a concert pianist unexpectedly led me to the Brevard Music Centre in the USA. Waking up to the serenade of trumpets echoing over the tranquil lake and drifting off to sleep with the soothing strains of a string quartet in the distance, this period epitomised beauty and harmony. Yet, amidst the enchantment, I grappled with the intricate tapestry of cultural complexities, navigating the nuances of assimilation in a foreign land.
Philadephia, Richmond, New YorkUpon returning to academia, I initially pursued architecture at Philadelphia University, but was soon drawn to the rapidly evolving realm of digital arts. Swiftly changing course, I delved into visual communication at Virginia Commonwealth University eagerly absorbing knowledge in a sea of creativity. After university, I seized the opportunity to freelance as a graphic designer in New York City (amid the aftermath of post-9/11 shock waves), realising a lifelong dream of living and working in the city. It felt like stepping into a Frank Sinatra song - the epitome of New York dreams.
LondonAmidst the turbulence of the times, I found myself back in London in 2008, navigating a period of transition filled with a variety of odd jobs, from data entry to door-to-door sales. Determined to further my skills, I pursued and successfully completed my Master's Certification in Visual Communication from the London College of Communication. This marked the beginning of a diverse array of endeavours, from freelancing as a graphic designer to establishing my own design firm, Roopadesigns, and The Print Design studio in Lavender Hill in 2011.
LondonMy passion for art has been a constant inspiration in my life, leading me to hone my skills from an early age. I finally stablished my own art studio just before the onset of the global pandemic. The timing proved fortuitous, coinciding with a resurgence in the art scene. I seized the opportunity to expand my reach by offering global art classes and hosting virtual sessions, fostering connections with art enthusiasts worldwide. Today, my artwork has been featured in exhibitions spanning from London to Tokyo, a testament to the journey that began with a childhood love for creativity.


At Roopadesigns, we’re more than just a business; we’re a community. Specialising in branding and graphic design, I work closely with local businesses and individual artists to create meaningful, long-term connections. As a member of the advisory board for creative curriculum at South Thames College and the Creative Partners Group at the Battersea Arts Centre, I’m dedicated to championing creativity both in education and within our community. Honoured as the runner-up at the Wandsworth Women’s Enterprise Awards in 2024, I’m committed to making a positive impact through my work.

So, here’s to embracing the unexpected, chasing dreams, and never quite fitting in – because sometimes, it’s the misfits who change the game. As I reflect on the twists and turns of my journey, I’m reminded that true fulfilment lies in embracing the unexpected, charting a course uniquely my own. From navigating cultural crossroads to forging my path in the world of design, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of creativity and connection.