Community Mural

Under the banner of “I Art This,” Roopadesign spearheaded a remarkable project that brought the community together to transform a section of Lavender Hill, Clapham, which had suffered devastating damage during the 2011 riots. Her vision was a testament to the power of unity and creativity in the face of adversity.

Inception: Roopa’s journey began with the shocking realisation of the scale of destruction in her local area due to the riots. To breathe life back into this community, she reached out to local businesses who had borne the brunt of the turmoil and collaborated with the local council to gain their support. With unwavering determination, she swiftly secured the backing of these stakeholders and sponsors.

Community Engagement: Roopa’s biggest challenge was rallying the community to participate in the mural’s creation. She took the ingenious step of using giant signs, thanks to the assistance of Calligraphette, to capture the attention of passersby and invite them to join the “paint party.” This effort resulted in over 100 enthusiastic volunteers coming forward to breathe life into the project.

A Unifying Weekend: Over the weekend, hundreds of people from all walks of life, ranging from toddlers to senior citizens, gathered outside the gutted Party Superstore. Roopa and her creative team had already prepared the basic frame, and it was left to the public to fill in the shapes. The result was nothing short of amazing, as the community came together to create a stunning piece of art.

The Lasting Impact: This heartwarming project not only revived the community spirit but also marked the one-year anniversary of the riots with a message of hope and unity. Roopa’s vision and dedication led her to establish “I Art This,” an initiative aimed at fostering more community art projects in the future.