London Design Festival 2023

Layers of Truth: Unveiling Perspectives is a collaborative and intergenerational art installation conceived and designed by artist/ designer Roopa S Basu ( for London Design Festival 2023.

The installation that celebrates the multifaceted nature of truth. Insights from elders of the community are met with creative responses of young art students. The project explores diverse ways in which we perceive and interpret our truths.

We were looking for motivational and inspirational messages to serve as catalyst for the project. After some soul searching, we decided to focus on “truth” and appealed to the senior members of society to share their insights. 

This exhibit draws inspiration from these messages shared by the elderly members of our society. Their wisdom and life experiences provide the foundation of the project. It examines diverse ways in which we perceive and interpret our truths. The messages from the elders are then creatively interpreted by the young students, who are on the precipice of embarking on their own life’s journey. The intergenerational interplay between perspectives contributes various layers, each revealing a distinct dimension of truth.

The project celebrates the multi-faceted nature of truth. Our individual life journeys, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, personal values, and emotions influence how we perceive and interpret the world that we live in. 

Today, the sheer volume of information available further contributes to individualised truths. This abundance of information available at your fingertips can make it challenging to discern what’s accurate and what’s not.

All these factors combined create a mosaic of viewpoints, leading to the understanding that everyone’s truth is, in a way, a unique reflection of their own experiences and perspectives on the world. Complex interplay of individual experiences, perspectives and beliefs, shapes everyone’s truth differently. 

“Layers of Truth: Unveiling Perspectives” is an ode to the richness that emerges when wisdom and creativity intertwine.It aims at encouraging dialogue while exploring the beauty of understanding through art, wisdom, and creative vision.

The exhibit was brought to life with precious contributions from members of the community and students from South Thames College. It was commissioned by Wandsworth Council.