Original Artwork


We love to hear your ideas and inspirations to create bespoke artwork that you would love to call your own. We can match wall paper, complement your interior and turn your creative vision into a compelling visual.

Get in touch with us today to order your unique wall artwork.

Ship Bits
Digital illustration 60cm high

Pen and ink 30cm x 45cm

The Cat and the Fiddle
Digital illustration 60cm x 40cm

Masaoka Shiki Haiku Interpretation
Origami and photography 50cm x 50cm

Try. Fly. Soar!
Mixed media and digital illustration 60cm x 90cm

Big Fat Love
Mixed media and digital illustration 40cm diameter 

Namoh Logo Art-06

You can also take a look at Namoh.co.uk, Roopa’s extensive art collection where you can buy prints and other ‘artsy things’. All artwork on the site are created by Roopa herself and some items such as the hats are made to order.¬†